New Blog Header was so much fun making my new blog header. Started out just 'foolin around' not knowing where the header design would lead. But I just kept going, liked what I was seeing and....Voila! :)

And, I might add, it took a really long time! One of the Halloween graphics I couldn't transfer it to a .png image, so I had to cut away at the background bit-by-bit. Whew!! I also tried a few different techniques AND made a few mistakes which I had to correct...

The vintage children's pumpkin graphics I obtained from The Graphics

 And, now that it's done, you see that I added it to my blog already and is also for sale in my Etsy shop.

I also made these into Halloween Gift Tags!

And labels for candle jars!

For the labels, I printed it out on transparent paper....sort of like a vellum paper. I liked the translucent look, as it goes well with the creamy white soy candle. I had once sold candle jars like this without a label, but when it burns it ends up becoming a not-so-attractive jar. Having cute labels makes for a dual purpose because after the candle is gone you can clean it and use it for collections or even Halloween candy. The black metal and rusty lid with tab make it a jar to save!
Hope you like....


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