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Who is *iTkUpiLLi* ??

Well, in case you haven't come across iTkUpilli's blog...you are really missing something!!

I don't know how I first stumbled upon her blog, but I sure am glad I did. She is a graphic wiz, it seems, and has lots and lots of tutorials and "free stuff" to make anyone's blog look sweeter!! This is where I got my background for my blog and a couple of size-bar graphics including the one to your, immediate, right ~ 'Keep Calm and Blog On'.

The latest thing that I learned to do, by following one of her tutorials, is how to frame one of my hang tag graphics ~ see below. I was even able to download a couple of frames for free, that she created. Mine is a little hard to distinguish because the color of her frame and the color of my graphic is almost the same...but this was an experiment. It would look much better if I had used a real photo.

You can visit her blog (one of them) here.  But once you get there, be sure to look around, click on some menu buttons and search around on her posts because she'll lead you to some of her other websites and blogs.

For her tutorial to create this photo frame, click here.

I know you'll just love her websites and you'll want to tell me.... "thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!"

Happy blogging!!


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