Menu Bar Buttons

Menu Bar Buttons

As I continue to take it easy after my car accident, I'm doing more graphic design than ever before. Since I can't really cut and sand wood for my handmade signs, I'm sitting with my laptop just designing away. So, I thought I'd revise my old Menu Buttons. I don't use these anymore on my blog, but a while ago I was wondering how to make these and insert them into a blog. I searched around and found this really sweet website, called Cute n Cool Blog Stuff. If you follow the link, you'll be able to learn how to do it, too.

I read the simple, what to do about actually making the tags?? I really love turquoise and remembered that The Graphics Fairy had a postcard that I was interested in.

So, I brought it into Photoshop and "erased" all the lettering and created this blank image.

Now, for some lettering.....I added the appropriate places where I wanted people to link to.

On the original postcard from the Graphics Fairy, since it is a scan of an original postcard (I believe) it shows the areas where it has been worn, and shows up as brown on the bottom. I decided to keep this in the design, as it adds kind of a "drop shadow" for the tag. However, this is what it looks like without it....

Please feel free to use any of these tags for your own blog. If you do, I would really enjoy seeing the finished result!



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