Etsy Banner


This past weekend I did some graphic design and made a new Etsy banner for my shop (however, in my last post I explained how and why I closed my shop), but I thought you might like to see how I created this banner using some graphics from, none other than, the Graphics Fairy...follow the link.

I Loved what she did with this fluer de lis!
So I decided to flank both sides of the banner with this awesome design. Loving black and white, together, I wanted to make this entire banner something sharp and distinctive.

A while ago I came across this label on Karen's website and decided to save it in my "file" until I decided what to do with it.

I decided it would be the perfect inset, in the middle of the banner to put the shop name and tag line. (also used on one of my other banner designs).

So, I brought all these images into my Photoshop program...created a new, blank, file for the Etsy banner for which to place my images. To make an Etsy banner, it needs to be 760 x 100 pixels. Once I had that set, I shrunk the fluer de lis so that it would fit in that area...flanking both sides. Next, I took the black and white label and cut out a portion of the middle, including the sides with the white stripes and "plopped" it in the middle of the banner. Then it was ready to add the type for the shop name and tag line.

The fonts are Elizabeth and Papyrus .

It's so fun to play with graphics! Hope you enjoy.


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