Cleaned up version of Ellen Clapsaddle Postcard

Original Vintage Ellen Clapsaddle Postcard

This is a vintage postcard of the artist, Ellen Clapsaddle. Being a person who is in love with anything vintage, during a lot of my treasure hunting (online) I had viewed a lot of these fabulous vintage postcards, all the while wondering who the artist was. About a year ago I became more aware of who Ellen Clapsaddle was through blogs and other info on the internet. Reading parts of her bio, I've learned that she was born in 1865 (some sources say 1863) and began her career as an artist soon after college, I believe. In the late 1800's and into the early 1900's she began making postcards which became an instant success for her. She created 2000 postcards, in all...(some sources say 3000+).

I have downloaded one of her postcards from another site (which was of public domain). The original scan of the postcard was not very clear, so I fooled around with my Photoshop and was able to clean it up quite a bit. Feel free to copy these for yourself and use them however you like. Just left click to view full view, then right click to save it in your own files. Print them out for gift tags, make labels out of them or use them for scrapbooking or blow it up, frame it and use it in the nursery. The possibilities are endless.....

I'd love to know if you were able to use this and what you created with it!....feel free to email me! Oh, by the way, if you're going to make gift or hang tags out of it you'll want to print it out on 110 pound cardstock. I find that this is the perfect weight card stock for tags, making them professional enough for selling or actual gift-giving.

Thanks for stopping by!


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