Altered Art Tags

I've been having a lot of fun making, the above, hang tags and altering the rayon seam binding as well. I've always wanted to try my hand at it and this week I've been so inspired to do so.  

I imagine all scrapbookers have known this for a while, but you can find these plain tags, in bulk, at Staples, Office Depot and the like. I just found this out :) So, this is how I made them:
1.  I sprayed a walnut stain on the white card and sponged it on. When I spread it on with the foam sponge it just streaked, so I dabbed it all over at it gave it a nice soft look. I did the front & the back.
2.  I have the French Marketplace stamp set by Tim Holtz, so after the tags dried I stamped the card with the large Paris script in a light brown ~ which is only a couple of shades darker then the original stain. I stamped both the front and back with this.
3.  In the same color I stamped some flourishes on the top and 2 sides. And I took the stamp from that set with the windmill and partially stamped it off to the top, right.
4.  I took the Label stamp and used a chocolate colored ink pad to stamp the main part of one of the tags. The other tags I used Tim Holtz French Postcard stamp set.
5.  I, then, cut out these beautiful vintage rose prints...Catherine Klein, I believe, and adhered them to the front. These were on card stock, but if I make these again I think I'll print them on paper, instead.

 Below, is what I call the base card from which to start 'building' your design from. I am selling the set, above, in my Etsy shop and I am also selling the 'base' cards for customers that want to design their own tags.

Then for the hand dyed seam binding...

This is my favorite color seam binding. I've had this for so long that I've forgotten the actual name, but I'm calling it soft pink or baby pink. There are 3 piles of the ribbon, here...all coming from the same roll of ribbon. The one on the left is the original color, and has not been treated with any dye...just crinkled. The top, center ribbon is still mostly pink but has splashes of walnut dye to make it grungy looking, but still sweet and feminine ~ I'll call it sweet, shabby. The darker ribbon, I've treated with the same color walnut dye but blended it throughout and gave it a nice, soft super shabby look. 

I've embellished the tag, below, with the original pink and the dark pink.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial and learned something along the way, like I help you with all your scrapbooking endeavors!

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might"! ...Ecclesiastes 9:10

~ Deborah ~


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